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Facebook Communities Summit

M+D advises Facebook on content strategy and supports development of live events including the Facebook Communities Summits in Chicago and London and the Social Good Forum in New York. 

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Bloomberg Global Business Forum

In partnership with Minassian Media, M+D develops new conferences for Bloomberg, including the Global Business Forum and previously, the US-Africa Business Forums. We have also created programming and live event roadmaps for Bloomberg Media. 

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NewCo Miami

With support from the Knight Foundation and the NewCo team in San Francisco, M+D launched NewCo Miami in 2018.

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Conference on Inclusive Capitalism

In partnership with the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, M+D led content strategy and program development for their Conference on Inclusive Capitalism in New York. 

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Nexus: Israel

In partnership with the American Friends of Hebrew University, M+D launched the Nexus:Israel technology and innovation conference in New York. 

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Fortune Knowledge Group

M+D launched CMO and CIO summits for Fortune magazine’s research division, the Fortune Knowledge Group, as well as a new podcast series for Time, Inc. 

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Transforming Commerce

In partnership with the social impact technology platform Givewith, M+D launched “Transforming Commerce”, a forum about driving social impact through business, at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

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In partnership with the Cambridge-based software company InterSystems, M+D developed custom roundtable dinner experiences for leading financial services executives.